A few questions !

Hi there !

Before i start, just wanna say i’m french so my english may not be the best to read, sorry about that.
Also, in this post there will be a few questions about different subject (always about the theme of course). If i should do one post for each question, i’ll do it, but i find it better to just put them all here.
And to finish this introduction, i work on the website localy, not i’m not sure you guys can access it, so i’ll add screenshot to explain every question.
Now that you know everything, let’s do this !

1. Contact form

So i put contact form 7 line into a text section to have it on my home page. I saw in another post on this forum that there was a ‘contact section’ but i could never find it. Is there anyway to customize this form ? Like add a picture behind, center the form in the page and change the font size.

2. Blog page

When you click on a project in the portfolio section in the home page, you’re taken to what i think is the blog page. Is there a way to remove the date and the author who created the project ? .entry-date published {display:none} doesn’t seems to work in the custom css.
Also, i there a way to put an image (here the green img) at a 100% width to fit in the row (same as the picture shown above, the mockup one).

3. All the project page

I found you can add in your menu a ‘All the project’ link that brings me in a page with all the project with the portfolio display. I like it, but i only have a litlte trouble with the hover on a picture. As shown on the screenshot, this looks like a bug, no idea where it comes from.
Also, i want to know if there’s a way to remove all the blank space under the footer.

So that’s all for now, sorry for the long post, i really like this theme, you guys are doing a great work ! But i suck at wordpress, so help is needed !
Thank you for reading, if you need any information, just ask me.

Hello !

Just upping the subject, still in need for some answers !

I too would like to stop the blog post date from displaying but cannot seem to get it to work.

Better yet, I would like to remove the clickable link from the date. (Displaying it would be fine I would just like the main blog page to not redirect to a single blog post when clicking the date.)

Interested to see if there is an answer to this.

  • Katiekapow