About and Contact Templates for Po-portfolio


I really like the look of the Po-portfolio template, but it seems like the html files for the About and Contact pages are missing. Are they there and I just can’t find them, or should they be included but aren’t?

Thank you!

Hey there

thank you for interest
Well, yes they are not designed but i think this is not the problem if you have basic experience with the HTML and little bit design you can create them yourself :slight_smile:

Hi Colorlib,

I have two questions about buying template’s licence, and it would be appreciated if you answer me:

  1. If I buy a single template program with the price of $21, is this an annual payment?
  2. If I buy a domain (.com) from google, can I link the website that I purchased from Colorlib to that?


  1. no, this is a lifetime license
  2. You can link it to anything, or you can even remove any linking