about post list

I have 2 questions about post list

I want a page that list all my blog posts
the only way now is link to “http://myurl/page/1/
but I want the link is “http://myurl/blog/
I don’t know where can I change it

the list is using the header from home page
but I don’t want it show in this page
may I ask how can I change it?

I tried many ways
but still can’t figure it out
thanks for reading and helping

please tell me if you need more information

Hello there,

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In order to change the blog page you can simply go to Settings > Reading > A Static Page then select the page from the drop down list that you would like to use for the blog page.

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thanks for reply
but how can I keep my home page URL and change my blog URL?

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please keep in mind that you cannot have two separate URLs for your blog and your homepage but you can change the URL for the site.

You can use the following link to change the URL for WordPress:

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I want to make sure again

my site is 【http://ezknow.in
and here is the post list 【http://ezknow.in/page/1/】

do you mean I can’t change the post list link to 【http://ezknow.in/blog/】?

thanks for reply