Accidentally reset theme settings (Reset Defaults) for Dazzling theme

I hate myself so much right now, I accidentally pressed the reset button (Standaard herstellen in Dutch).
Now my custom CSS is gone, fonts are messed up and the colorscheme is gone.

Is there any way to get it back to my settings?


Sorry to hear that.

The only way to restore these settings are if you have a database backup (not files, just database) in place with all these settings.
The thing is that once you hit “Restore Defaults” all settings are erased from database, so there is no chance to restore them unless you have some backup.


Ok, luckily my host company has backups.
But, they are going to charge me for it, so I had to be sure.

Thank you!

(Ps. Awful button. Give it 10 “Are you sure” pop-ups or something :wink: )