Activello slider and polylang

Hi there, thanks a lot for your wonderful theme!

I have stumbled upon a problem I don’t know how to solve myself. I have recently installed the Polylang plugin, it works great, except for the slider.

The default language (Russian, in my case) front page works as intended - the featured images assigned to a designated category “slider” go into the slider, I can add or remove them as I see fit.

However, the German front page slider is uncontrollable. There is no category that controls it. It contains all the images with the “slider” category plus ALL the posts that I keep adding after installing the plugin. I have not found any way to remove images from slider there. I don’t want the German front page slider to contain hundreds of featured images from posts I intend to translate to German. I imagine it will make site load time unbearable.

Is it possible to somehow control what featured images go to the German version of the silder?

My website is (russian)
Cosmetiqua | niche beauty & perfumes (german front page)

Thank you very much!
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Hi again, I have discovered that the slider images have a limited number with new replacing the previous ones, so my concern about hundreds of them is unwarranted. Still, is there a way to control whether an image goes up to the slider or not? So far I have not found any way to manually manage it, it all happens automatically.

Thanks again!

Hello Jana

getting this on your website:

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