Activello updates messing with tracking codes and email embeds

Each time the Activello theme updates, it removes/messes up the Google Analytics tag and my Flodesk email sign up embeds. This has happened for the second time (Jan update and March update)

Why does this happen?? How do I stop it?

Hey there

May I know how you added them? please share the screenshot and url

Yes sure, the header code seems to be getting removed with the updates. I add the snippets to the “Theme Editor” option and put it under the Theme Header bucket before the closing tag. Here’s a screenshot, not sure what you need the URL of? Is it just the website’s URL? If so, it’s


Ok, I see, of course, it will be deleted, you added your codes in the parent theme files, it will be deleted on every update, instead, you have to use a Child theme
Check this out: