Actual theme for mobile

I use your theme dazzling for many years.
I noticed that some points will not work in the mobile Modus.
For example there will nothing change when I press the three bars menu on the top right.
Also I use the plug in free gift but when I reached the 50 euro I will not get a pop-up to choose the gift.
The shop URL is
Hope you can help me. Kindly regards

Hey there

Yes, that problem with the menu is already reported, it must be fixed in the update of the theme, if you want to use a temporary fix you may try the Mobile menu plugin
Unfortunately that plugin is not our product and I cant provide any valuable information about it

Thanks for the answer.
Please send me more information about the plugin. What’s the name or where can I find this pugin.
Kindly regards

hey there

Here it is:

thanks for your answer.
I tried the plugin but it doesn’t realy work because when I choose product or shop I will see only two headlines. But I have mor than two headlines.
Also I don’t need an further menu. I want to use the existing menu.
kindly regards

Sorry about that, in this case please patiently wait for the next update of the theme

When do you plan to create an update of the theme.
I wait since over 3 years.
Kindly regards

Hey there!
I extremely this theme of yours. It used to be lightweight and user friendly, but because of this little issue, I have been unable to carry it forward for my clients projects ahead! Even though I have tried custom and plugin options to reset but that trigger other issues! An update is final solution, Can you please confirm when it is going to have an update?

Hi there

Sorry for the inconvenience, yes, I can confirm that problem is already reported and there is nothing that waiting for the update, unfortuantelly I cant provide the exact date of the update

i am a little frustrated!
An update of the beautiful template has been promised for almost half a year, but nothing is happening!
OK. The template is free … but it’s certainly not creditable for a company if there is no support.
I will probably have to change my website to a different template after all … what a shame!

Hey there

Please take my apologies, I agree with you, the fast update would be bet thing in this case

Hey Colorlib-team,
thanks for the update … but the menu still doesn’t work on my site.
The following error message:
Uncaught Error: Bootstrap’s JavaScript requires jQuery version 1.9.1 or higher, but lower than version 3
Which bootstrap version should be used. Can I just overwrite it?
Keep in touch …

hey there

This problem was already reported, however its not yet fixed, if you are capable to make such changes try latest version

Thanks for sharing this, I have an issue something like that. While using Dazzling theme my site is not catching mobile view. Kindly how can I get this?

Its not our theme, please contact to the theme author