Add a fixed picture below header and above the Call to Action button

Dear Support team,

I don’t want to use Dazzling slider option, I need a fixed picture in that place. Therefore, I would like to ask how to put a fixed picture below the header and above the Call to Action button?

Moreover, I added a plugin to include a newsletter in the side bar. How can I change the color of the newsletter button?

Thank you in advance!

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Hey thre

Thank you for the question

  1. you can create one category which will be assigned in the slider and it will show only one image, there is no other way to use only one image on the place instead of a slider
  2. What do you mean in the fixed picture? image above the call to action can be placed from the page editor,
  3. color, - you have to show us page with this button and we will generate custom css code for that

Hey, thank you for your quick response!

1 and 2) The slider problem is fixed! Thanks!
3) The page is: I would like to change the color of the newsletter button to the same orange of the other buttons.


Hello there,

This CSS should change the newsletter button color:

.tnp-widget-minimal input.tnp-submit {
    background-color: #ef9f37;

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Thank you! Problem solved!

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I’m glad that the issue is now resolved.
Please feel free to reach out once again in case of any more questions.
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