Add a small slider in content area of page

Hi - I would like to add a carousel slider to the content of my page to showcase a row of client logos. Looking at the Flexslider examples on this page:
it looks like I can add div class=flexslider carousel
and the associated unordered list of images.

But that does not work - it just displays the unordered list.

the slider is working on my homepage fine.

Do I have to install the flexslider plugin to get the added features to work? Or will that conflict with the built in version of Flexslider?


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@quintont, sorry but you have to ask this question to plugin providers, they have documentation and they support item if you have any question related to plugin implementation get in touch with them

Colorlib Support Team

I thought it would be appropriate to ask here since the Flexslider is built in to the theme.

@quintont flexslider is a library of the slider and it has many realizations, its used in other plugins or themes but they have different implementation and that’s why i suggested getting in touch with the author :slight_smile: