Add and edit services, testimonials and skills doesen´t work

Hello! I need help… I want to edit services, testimonials and skills in Ildy but I can´t change anything… Why?

Hi there

Can you please share a little bit more about the problem? link to the page, screenshot of the problem

Hi! Yes, of course. I wantet to edit services, testimonials and skills in Customizer in Wordpress but when I klick on the buttons nothing is happen. The button is only getting blue. I can´t do anything else.

Hi there

Yes, indeed, this problem is already reported to developer, please kindly wait for the theme update, it should be fixed soon


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Hello! Thanks for your fast answer. When do you think is the theme update coming?


Sorry, but I cant provide any estimate dates (


im waiting about two weeks now and I can still not use Ildy functions. If you can´t give me information when it definitly works I change the Theme…

Hi there

I understand your point, sorry, even now I can’t give you the exact date for fixing this issue, so… it’s up to you