Add & edit sections not working

Hi there, when clicking on the button to edit

add & edit skills bar displayed
add & edit services displayed
add & edit testimonials displayed

in the theme customizer under front page settings, nothing happens.

The plug in corresponding to the theme is installed, I have deactivated and tried all suggested options but nothing. As this is a fresh installation, there are no plug ins that could influence on this issue.

@KimDT please send me your access details in a private message and i will check your problem, @thomassjoberg please wait for the result :slight_smile:

Hi @colorlibsupport, here are the login details:

Hi there

Yes, I see the problem and I just reported it as a bug, it must be fixed in the upcoming updates of the theme, sorry for this inconvenience

Im sorry @ashSov but yet there is no workaround for this problem, we need to wait for the fix in the update

I will mark this case as a closed for now