Add & Edit Skills Bar Error on Front page sections

When I go anywhere in the “Front page sections” sections in the theme editor (for example, the about me section), the add & edit skills bar does not work when I click. For example, I want to edit or remove this section.

Illdy Version: 2.1.9

Hi there

What is the version of PHP? please also debug plugins, deactivate all third-party plugins and check again.

Let me know results

Hello, my php verison: PHP version: 7.3.32.
The sections I added in the components do not appear in the theme editor, and when I edit them in the theme editor, they do not appear in the components. For now, it will be enough for me to remove the ‘Typography 82% Design 86% Development’ sections in the screenshot. Thank you very much in advance, really nice theme.


Ok, can you please send me your admin details in a private message? I will check i

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I have the same problem. Running WP 5.9.2 and PHP 8.0.
Add & Edit skill bars do not work



im sorry but yet the theme is not ready for PHP 8.0, please downgrade it to version 7.6