Add links into "Service" section ?

Hi there !

First of all, congrats for your useful and sweety theme ! I also saw that you are helpful and this is really nice to you !
Big up to the colorlib team !

Today I want to add links into the ‘service’ section, but I can’t find how to do it… any help ?

I also want to add a video in the front page just above the ‘team section’, any help on this point too ?

Whish you a good day,

Up up, anyone can help me please ? :smiley:

Hello Shiva,

I hope you are doing well today.

In order to add a link to the service widget, please try using the following code and add the link to it along with some text: <a href="URL HERE" target="_blank">TEXT HERE</a>

Above the team section there should be the Counter Sidebar so simply add a video widget to the counter sidebar via Appearance > Widgets and the video would appear above the team section.

Best Regards,