Add "Menu" Text to Hamburger in Mobile Menu

I’m down to the last few bits I need to fix at I’d like to add the word “Menu” to the hamburger for the mobile (set to all-the-time) menu, and possibly in the process bump up the size of the hamburger. I’ve not found a solution teasing fa and the header.php solution listed elsewhere didn’t have the text I needed to tweak. Thoughts?

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Relating to your question here, I can see that you already have that implementation in place.
Could I perhaps be missing out on something here?

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I forgot to update this last night! I managed to get the “MENU” word to appear, but I’m having trouble styling it. In this case, I’d like it to be the same “Pier Sans Regular” font I use throughout, but I’m not sure how to call that webfont. Any suggestions?

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS {
font-family: Pier Sans Regular;
color: black;

Colorlib Support Team

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could you please advise me how the modifaction with the word „Menu“ was achieved?

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Menu word added by the custom CSS, I can help you with the same problem, let me see your website, please

Please let me know if you need more information.

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Try this code and let me know if it worked:

.mobile-toggle.right.visible-sm.visible-xs:after {
content: “menu”;

Unfortunately nothing changed.
I integrated the code in the additional CSS.

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The code is not added, or, added by mistake, let me see the screenshot of the code please


screenshot is attached.

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Change them please: Screenshot by Lightshot they must be “menu” thanks

Thank you. Now it works. Small change, big impact.

Nice to hear it worked :slight_smile:

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