Add More Icons to the Footer Social Links Menu


I wanted to add other items to my social menu in the Footer. Currently, I am using the default Social Links Menu as the Social Menu and I have added it to the Footer; however, it only has a few items like Twitter etc. For instance, I wanted to add Youtube with an icon (There is no option for a Navigation Label for YouTube for instance when adding a custom link). Please know that I am still using the default Shapely template with minimal changes and I was wondering where I can add the necessary code for it to work with the current Social Links Menu? Can this be added to Admin Area → Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS for the footer Social Links Menu? If so, what would be the code?

Thanks for your help!

As you can see in the image above, the link for youtube is missing on the right from the Social Links Menu and I can’t find it in any other menu either. Also, you can see on the left that the Custom Links only has an option for “Link Text” and not a “Navigation Label” option as shown on the right for the other social links that came with the theme. How can I add youtube and linkedin to it for instance with icons?

i’m sorry, I don’t have a link for you right now as my site is down.

What I’m looking for is how the social icons look like in the footer of the demo: Front Page - Shapely Demo

I’m not sure if the others came with the theme and somehow got deleted?

Thanks again for your help.

Hi there

Send me your admin details privately and I will check the setup,

I will send you a message and reply me