Add more sections and buttons? + one page problem

Ok so I got a little problem here with this theme. 3 things:

  • After I made a child theme, when I click on a menu item, it doesn’t fluently scroll through the page to get to the section like it used to. It just jumps very quickly to a section. The whole feel of one page website is a bit lost now. Would like to know how to fix that.

  • Is there any possibility to add more sections? I’m struggling to get al the content on the website with just a few sections that are available. It’s not that they are not enough, but the whole testimonials section I can’t use because I don’t need them. I love the counter-section without any text of info in there, just the picture. But when I want two of them on the site, another section will be lost because you can only have eight sections.

  • Same thing for the latest-news-button. Is there any way to add another button on another section?

The link for the website:


Hello Laura,

I cannot see the illdy theme installed on the domain you provided, can you please let me know more about this?

If I suspect it right, you might need to use the latest version of the theme since the smooth scroll not working might be a javascript incompatibility.

About the sections and the extra button, you would need to do some extensive custom work to the core files to achieve this, so if you are up to it I can guide you around.