Add Parallax scrolling

I’ve build a website using the illdy theme. I loved the parallax scrolling effect on the homepage so much, i decided i want to use this effect on other (sub)pages as well. Since you can only activate this option using the customizer for only the homepage… I’m looking for some help to set this up for other pages as well.

I’ve googled around and found some codes, but i supposed to add those to the a custom CSS. This is where i need some help… How and where do i do this?

(Keep in mind that i’m a n00b at this. Just trying to figure out everything without having to pay a lot of money for a course haha)

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As it stands, the them only has the option to use the parallax effect on the home page but you can add a parallax effect to other pages using a third party plugin. Here is one such plugin and an article explaining the process:

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