Add 'Portfolio' section to menu

Hi Colorlib,
Hope everything is well?
I’ve added the Jetpack Portfolio section to my homepage.
Now I like to create a separate Portfolio page (and menu item) as shown in your Shapely demo?
How can I do that?
Please let me know.
Thanks Bas

Hi, will be the portfolio page, you can add the same in menu item in Appearance -> Menus. or you can create a new page and use the [portfolio] shortcode:

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Hi Laranz,
I know how to add pages to my menu.
But What I want is the same portfolio page show in the Shapely demo.
So a thumbnail overview.
That is still not clear to me.
my website is
Can you help me out?
thanks Bas


Go to Settings -> Permalinks and change the permalink structure to post name, or something other than default, and then you can access your portfolio in this URL,

If you don’t want to change your permalinks means, you can achieve that using this URL,

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Hi Laranz,
Wauw! The link is perfect and totally what I mean!
But how did you achieve that?
And can I edit my portfolio page without changing the widget portfolio on the home?
I mean ad more projects.
Warmest Bas


It is by default the archive page’s URL in WordPress. :slight_smile:

Didn’t understand this, " And can I edit my portfolio page without changing the widget portfolio in the home?" You mean you want to keep the home page widgets to a certain number and don’t wanna change that and yet you want to add more projects to the projects page? If I am wrong, please can you clarify us, so that we can serve you better.

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I have a very similar question. Having that achieved, how do I insert a link to the portfolio page in the menu??
Because this automatically generated portfolio page at is not in the list of pages I can add to the menu in apprearance–>menu.
Additional info: I have a multilanguage site, maybe that changes anything? Because the links aren’t just but So maybe that permalink breakes?
How do I have to do it?

(btw: when I make a new page and add the [portfolio] shortcode there, the apprearance is totally different and that would make everything much more complicated to set up with the hover effects and all that.)

Thanks a lot!


Hey there,
Hope you’re doing well today

You may add a custom link to your menu with that links to that exact page.

Within the menus settings, you actually have a tab for a custom link. If the link isn’t available in the View All tab within the Pages tab then you could always add the link as a custom link and that should work just the same.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks! But that means that I cant have my portfolio in different languages? The language switcher just sends me back to the home page… :frowning:

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