Add scroll down icon in hero section shapely

Hi all, so happy with shapely theme! 1 question: how can I add a (animated?) scroll down icon on the home page to alert visitors that there is content below. Thx!

Hi there

Sorry, but there is no such option and in this case you need to use some third-party solutions to add such feature


thx for this quick support! Do you recommend such a third party solution … for a analoge fashion designer :wink:

Hi there

Sorry, but I’m not sure about third party plugins, most probably you need to implement it by adding custom codes in the theme


yes i’ve found some chevron arrows however I don’t understand where to put the HTML and the CSS …

Hi @sinette

Chevron icon is only a small part of the whole task, you need a good knowledge of WordPress, HTML CSS and some JS as well

I was searching for it’s solution and my answer is that you can not utilize without any third party option. There is no other solution and if you find any solution then you can let us know here.

Hi there

Thanks for participating :slight_smile: