Add to shopping card problem on Fashe

Hi all,

I came across an interesting problem when a product is added to shopping card. When a product is first added to the shopping card, it cannot be seen in the shopping. However, if you move the page up and pop-up menu comes up, the product can also be seen in the shopping card.

I also tried refreshing the page and after the refresh, product was in the shopping card on the fixed menu. I believe there is an issue with updating the shopping card on the fixed menu. The interesting thing is that number of the product can be seen whereas the product itself cannot. Please find the screenshots.


Hi there

This is a known problem and its already reported, sorry about that, the developer should fix it

Hi Noda,

Thanks. Do you think this something that can will be fixed quick? Honestly, we are thinking about getting the licence for two reasons;

  1. To remove Template by Colorlib in the footer
  2. To have a search option in the menu (I believe this is because of we didn’t licence the template yet - search option can be seen in the menu in Shopify, but when it’s published, it disappears)

However, this add to shopping card issue is a bit of a disturbing one. What do you think? Happy to get your opinions.



hi Kerem

Sorry but without developers I cant do this, and I can’t say when exactly they can fix this problem, unfortunately, I can’t provide any ETA