Added link coming soon page code won't open

Hello, I am trying to setup an imprint and language page on for the coming soon page, since our audience is DE/EN speaking. An imprint is also needed as for GDPR. I have added the links on the bottom in the code of the “general” text section. The pages were additionally created, when I view them from wordpress they show correctly. However once applied in the code when clicking on it - in the browser the correct perma link is shown - but no re-direction is made to the specific page. Instead only the “coming soon” page is only shown.
I have tried this with several links but none works. I have also added a target blank option, even if it opens a new tab just the coming soon page is shown.
Is this somehow blocked by in the code, and if so how can this be handled?

Also could you please tell me where modify the “colorlib coming soon” code in the theme file editor?


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Hey there may I take a closer look, please provide the URL of the website, and I will check your problem.

Be aware coming soon template is not part of the theme, most probably its activated from the third party plugin


Hello, yes can I send it to you in private? I do not want to have it public.

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Click on my name and you will see a button to send me a message.


Hey, unfortunately I do not see a button where I can message you. I only found your freelance email. I’ll email you the domain. Thank you!

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I see the website but I cant explain the problem only by seeing it, can you please also provide admin details?


Hey, I just created your user, you should receive an email. Thanks!


So, you want to have a link on En right? check this out please: Screenshot by Lightshot I see other is no correct link added, it jut pointed to the homepage, so, you need to fix this link.



yes the links are correct added but they are not working, so I assume that Wordpress pages are blocked by a script. I have written you an email about it.


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Not clearly get the question, the link that is added to the text is working just fine, you need to change that link to anything else and it will work,
Did I miss something?


Yes if you click on the link they are not redirecting to the page they should - only the homepage appears again. Not sure if you working in a developer mode or so, but I have checked on several browsers and devices and it’s not working. It seems that it’s blocked. Please check in Wordpress pages you will see how those “Impressum” and “EN” version would look like when you view it direclty from Wordpress.

If you are not seeing it by actively clicking on it I can sen you a screen recording.