Adding a div with content before "featured image"

In a specific category, I would like to add content to a template “before” the Feature Image.
What I have now displays fine when you view the individual post, but when it displays on the home page it starts with the “featured image”.

See attached screen shots.
Need to add the icons above the “featured image” if possible.

Not much of a programmer…

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I’m not 100% sure I’m understanding your request, however, I’m going to try to.

You have the icons working in the single post pages, but you’d like to display the icons above the featured images in the archive, right?

If that’s the case then it means you’ll need to add the code to the archive.php file, more specifically, within the WordPress Loop. There’s actually a comment in that file that says “Start the Loop,” That’s where the posts are generated, so you’ll need to add the code after that while loop so that it generates the icons right before each post.

I would advise that you use a child theme to get this done, though as updates will wipe those files so you will lose any customizations done to the parent theme.

Read more about child themes here: Child Themes « WordPress Codex

You may use the plugin below to create and configure your child theme:

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