Adding Additional Pages and Menu Issues

Hi there

First off, thanks for a great theme – I’ve very nearly got it to do exactly what I want which isn’t always that easy with Wordpress!

So, on the site I’m working on I’m adding additional pages ( I know it’s a one-page theme, but I need extra space!) and I want to be able to click through from the 4 Project section blocks to pages with examples of work etc.

I currently have 2 pages mostly set up (artwork and outdoor) and I’ve now noticed that once I’m in the new page, the menu no longer works – obviously because the links are anchor links from the Front Page. D’oh!

My question is, how can I change this so I keep the nice anchor point/scrolling on the Front Page, but so I can also navigate from within my new Project pages?

Many thanks in advance, Rob

Durrrrr…no sooner than I posted that then I figured it out!


Hey there

So, looks like you don’t need our help here? :slight_smile:

No, I have the page/menu issue sorted… the issue was with me not with the theme!

What I do have an issue with though, is the spacing – I’m trying to remove the excess space around the contact details and the map I’ve inserted at the bottom but I cant’t figure it out. Any advice?

Also various other spacing issues, particularly on the heading of the About section I’d like to reduce.

And, finally, if possible I’d like the Contact section to be one single full width block – I’d like to remove the address altogether and have just the contact info full width. Is this possible?

Many thanks again!


hi Rob

Which spacing? can you share a screenshot? for me, it looks normal, same for the layout changes for contact form section

Hi Noda, thanks for coming back to me.

I’m viewing in Safari on a Mac, but also looking via Firefox and on an iPhone the spacing isn’t quite right…for me anyway!

I found some code on another support request to tighten up spacing in some of the other sections which I’ve done, but these last few are proving difficult to adjust.

So, in the ABOUT section I’d like to adjust the spacing/padding between the headline and the body copy shown by the red box.

In the CONTACT section, again I’d like to be able to adjust the spacing shown by the red boxes. In the same section, I’d like to be able to remove the address widget and have the Contact part with the phone number and email as a full width section, shown by the green lines. I know I can remove the address widget from within the settings, but the remaining section won’t centre/go full width.

Many thanks, Rob

Hello there,

This should help you:

#about .section-header h3 {
    margin-bottom: 15px;

#contact-us .section-header {
    margin-bottom: 10px;

.widget {
    margin-bottom: 0px;

#ux_div_map_canvas_front_end_1873 {
    margin-bottom: 1% !important;

Best Regards,

Thanks for those - they all seemed to do the trick part from the final one to control the spacing around the map.

I’d still like to reduce the spacing above and below the map section if possible – any ideas on how I can achieve this?

Many thanks, Rob

Hi there

Please add this css:

#ux_div_map_canvas_front_end_6000 {
margin-bottom: 2% !important;
margin-top: 2% !important;

Hi Noda

Thanks for the quick response again – but it just won’t work.

I think the issueI’m having is that the variable 6000 (#ux_div_map_canvas_front_end_6000) in your code above appears to be dynamic, so when I load it up to add the css, I am getting a different number. If I refresh the page, I get a different number again.

Not sure how we can get around that!

Weirdly, the spacing seems OK on mobile, on my iPhone at least. The only other issue I now have is a large space between the horizontal rule under the contact section text and the contact form - can this be adjusted also?

Many thanks again!



That widget does not have CSS to control the map but you can use this CSS to edit the map in the space:

#text-10.widget_text {
    padding-bottom: 0px;
    padding-top: 0px;
    margin-bottom: 0px;
    margin-top: -13px;

Take care.