Adding an image for the homepage headline (jumbotron)

Is it possible to use an image instead of text where the front page headline would otherwise go, in the jumbotron section?

If yes, how?
If not, what are my options for a big honking logo (client’s request) on the homepage/front page, prominently diplayed?

The other thing desired is to have the top-left logo on the homepage vanish from the top left on the homepage. But to have it appear on all the other pages in that same position. Thanks, C.

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That place is only designed for text, the image cannot be added here
"what are my options for a big honking logo " - What you mean in this? option for logo is in the appearance > customize where theme customization can be done
need little bit more info on the last question and url of the pages as well
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Sorry for not being clear. What are all the logo placement and size options for the front page and all other pages?
That’s essentially what I am getting at, including work-arounds or hacks. I ask because the client wants for the all the pages (except the homepage) what is the current option for logo placement and size on the homepage. For the homepage, they want a big logo (let’s say for example 250 x 250 as a ballpark number) to go where the headline currently is. u n X tain har ve st .c o m. (no Xs.)

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Well, all the options of the theme are bundled in the appearance > customize, this is the universal page from where you can reach all the theme settings, you can use various size of the logo but im not sure if you can use 250*250, also, adding it as a center image instead of a jumbotron title i don’t think is possible
if you want to provide url of the page us i cant view your website because of that quest :slight_smile: is the site. no longer is open to new users, fyi.

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You can use the following CSS code to replace the text with an image by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there. You need to replace the image url with one that you want to use instead, this can be found by looking at the image in your media library and the image url would be there.

.bottom-header.front-page .col-sm-12 {
    content: url(;
    margin: 0 auto;

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hello all , hope you all are doing well,(actually am newbie)
i could not change the home page image.

i wanna know how can i change it.

Thanks in Advance.

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6ranjith you can do this from the jumbotron section, open it and add a new image
Also, please open new ticket i you have any question :slight_smile: