Adding characters to counters

Is it possible to add characters ie. pound sign (£), commas (,) and letters, to the counters? If so how can this be done please?

I’ve attached a picture of the section I’m referring to.

Many thanks

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Where exactly you want to add it? which template is this? please come back with the website link

Hi Noda,

This is the link to the Classic template:
The counters are displayed just above the contact section.

I would like to add in some static characters to the counters in the same font style, for example (using the attached image as reference):
Happy clients: Instead of the counter showing 20000, I would like to show 20,000
Total raised for RBL: Instead of the counter showing 23685, I would like to show £23,685

Is this possible please?

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@jdamon78 this is HTML template, so you can do anything you wish here, with just a small html and css experience you can achieve any goal including adding any sign to counter element