Adding more buttons in header

Hi, there are 2 buttons in the header by default, is it possible to add 1 or a few more?

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The theme does not have the option to add more buttons in the header by default so the only way to add more buttons is to edit the core PHP files in the theme.

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Can u tell us where in the code we can add them? I was looking for it like 2 hours and I cannot found them ;/

@Support Hi, thank you for replying. It would be great if this can be an option or feature implemented in the future.

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You can add edit the code foe the Jumbotron buttons by going to Appearance > Editor and select the front-page-bottom-header.php file and you can edit the file to have another button.

I do recommend saving a backup of the file before making any changes to it.

As it goes for adding the feature in the future, I will notify our development team of your interest in the feature so that they can look into adding the option in a future update.

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Hello! Already figured this out! But thanks for the answer <3

@ dest
Is it possible that u can share how u did this for a newbie like me. i like to try to add more buttons on my page.
What files to edit and what to edit?
I´ve tried to find by myself but dont find anything :frowning:

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