Adding padding to the page's Heading & Images to the sidebar


I would like to know how I can adding padding to the Heading of my pages.

I want my pages to be full width without the sidebar. As a result the lines are very long, so I want to add padding at both sides to center the content and make the lines shorter. The problem is that I don’t know how to add padding to the main heading and it looks out of alignment with the main content.

How could I fix that?

Secondly, I have in the sidebar the Most Popular Posts widget. The posts appear fine, but there a grey squares instead of images. How can I add images there?
You can check out my website here:

Thanks for this great theme!

  1. Could you please post a link to page where you are using full-width template? All pages I see on your website have short titles (Contacts, About, Resources).

  2. You need to use featured images for your posts to get thumbnails for popular post widget. Here is how featured images works in WordPress.

Thanks for the reply!

You can check some full-width pages here:

I want the main heading to be aligned with the text, like the rest of the headings.

Add this code to Appearance - Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS make the same padding as your content:

.page-template-page-fullwidth-php .entry-title {
  padding: 0 140px;

But since your other page uses the same full-width template above given code will apply to this page as well. If you don’t want it to happen you can target page by its ID, so only on Disclaimer page page title will have padding. Here you is exact code for that page:

.page-id-129 .entry-title {
  padding: 0 140px;

So first one is universal code for all full-width pages and second one is for disclaimer page only because it targets its ID.

Thanks a lot! :smiley: