Adding reading time next to author name

Hi there. I recently downloaded a plugin that provides the following code to display approximate reading time for a post: do_shortcode(’[rt_reading_time]’) (<-- this is what they recommend using if you want to incorporate it into your theme, not just use a shortcode on each page)

Currently, my posts display with the title, and the the data and author name below that.

I’d love to figure out how to have my posts display with the approx reading time next to the author name. Is there a way to do this using the custom CSS field? Or do I need to edit my child theme?

My website is:

Hi @tworestlesshomebodies

Hoppe, you are doing well today
Unfortunately its not possible to achieve this goal only by css, you need to customize several theme files in your child theme and add new css style, sorry but such questions fall on customization section