Adding text to header

How do I add text to the header? I’m not using a header image and all I can see is the site title and the menus I added. I want to keep the site tile and add separate text to the header.


Edit: I don’t want to use an image as a logo because of how it transitions from desktop to mobile. I want to use font only.

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You could add the text below your site title by adding the code below (Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS):

.navbar-header:after {
content: “HI”;/Change this to whatever you’d like to have/
font-size: 25px!Important;
color: red!Important;
font-family: fantasy;

Please let me know if this works.

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Followed instructions - no effect. No changes seem to be made as the live-preview doesn’t buffer after I input the code.

Strange but after playing around with the code - after deleting the inverted commas and adding normal speech marks (") - it worked. Thanks.

Any idea how I can position it independently?

Could you please tell me how you want it to position and share me your site URL where it’s displaying so that i can help you to achieve it?

Yes Sir.

I have attached a paint edit of what I want the banner to be like exactly.

This is the actual site:

So the number “2” has to be a separate piece of text next to the main text “” Using the above code works but it places the number 2 under (coded “after”) the “” and it also increases the banner height which I don’t want.

I want to retain the same banner size and have the extra independent text with a significantly increased font-size. I’m hoping that way it will display correctly on mobile and desktops.

Thanks in advance!

To achieve this try using the below custom CSS code.

.navbar-header:after {
    content: "HI";
    font-size: 25px!Important;
    color: red!Important;
    font-family: fantasy;
    display: inline-block;
    line-height: 74px;
#logo {
    float: left;

Excellent. It worked.

Now I’ll change the independent text to a custom font and thus a logo.

Thanks guys.

You are most welcome here :slight_smile:

hope you can help me , I would like to add custom text in the wrapper (above the header, just below facebook logo),
i would like to have mail and cellphone).
I’ve tried colorlib-plugin15 plugin, I can see the phone, but I can’t change font size, or color for some reason.
I will appreciate if you can help me.

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