Additional Pages spacing

Hi there, I’ve added a couple of additional pages to my shapely site to add to the menu bar at the top, and I wondered whether I can still add CSS to change the line spacing as its too close together? If so what is the CSS for this and how do I add it if not on the homepage? I know Shapely is a one page site so realise this might not be possible and I need all the content on the one page if I do not like the line spacing? Will send my draft site log-in details in a PM to follow…

Thanks! Em

Login is via bluehost:

password: Artdecodreaming123!


Hi Emily

Are you asking about the letter spacing? line spacing different thing and it’s for adjusting line-height between texts, if you want space between menu text then you have to add this CSS in Appearance >csutomize additional CSS:

.main-navigation .menu li a {
letter-spacing: 1px;

Yes I want to adjust the line height as the text lines in the page running vertically are too close together - almost on top of each another… so not in the menu… is there CSS for this please? Thanks