Additional search results layout

I am also looking to mabe use this layout as well - Link

Do you still need a link?

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I understand but layout on your screenshot requires a more advanced theme than Newspaper X, feel free to browse them here: 45 (Most Popular) Best WordPress Themes 2023 - Colorlib


Alright if I cant do it with the search results how can I do it with a singe page?

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not sure if I clearly get your last message, can you please describe it?


I said if I cant change the layout of the search results page the way I want. Then how can I change the layout of a single page to a list view.

What do you not understand about that?

PS Do you know what the .badge css class applies to or what elements it governs?

Hi @infernoprime

Sorry for misunderstood.

@infernoprime Unfortunately there is no prebuilt option to change the layout of any page templates, to make such changes you need to modify templates in the theme files, this will require customization.

More about .badge? Where is this? I don’t know location of the classes :slight_smile:


What are you talking about? the css you gave me last time changed the layout for the search results like I was looking for when I explained it. So I wanted to use css again to do the same thing for a specfic page.

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Sorry for the confusion, I think we are talking about different things, but no worries I can help you.

let’s do this, please provide a direct link to the page you want to customize, let me know how exactly you want to do this and if it’s possible to change by custom CSS I will provide it to you.


Are there no sidebars for this theme?

I also have something else I would like to ask for your help with if your willing.

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you can check sidebars for Appearance> widgets, then in the page editor make sure sidebar is assigned to that page.

yes, sure go ahead and askm me :slight_smile:


This absolutly burns me up!!! :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I went to their forums for help and they wont even do that. They will charge me just for helping me.

  1. Go back to my homepage and you should see what I am trying to work on next. I want to align these boxs side by side for my newest downloads with css but I don’t think its going to work.

  2. Did you check the reviews page to see if anything could be done


Sorry, but I that’s not good behavior, if you want to get support on anything you need to provide a little bit more details.

  1. Which boxes? there are several different boxes on the homepage, I need a reference
  2. Lots of things can be done on the page but what exactly do you need? I need to know what exactly you want to style and change.


I’m sorry but there really Is not a reason to charge someone to offer support like that.

The box’s I was refering to are the ones that are labeled test 4,Half Life 2 MMod,test 2, and test. I want these to be side by side.

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Not clearly get, We don’t charge for support.

Please add this CSS code in the Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

.w3eden .list-group {
    display: block !important;
    width: 50%;
    float: left;

Let me know results

I’m sorry, I know you would not and I appreciate that. I looked at those tags and I think I am starting to understand a little more.

Thanks again :+1:.

Hi :slight_smile:

Okay, thats cool :slight_smile: Is there anything else? I can help you if you need any guidance.


For now, no, but ill be back if there is.

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

​Let me know if you need further assistance, we are happy to help

1.The code you gave me only puts the items side by side I only want a single row of them.

2.Also do you know if css support any kind of sliders that would make this easier?

Hi there

  1. Sorry, can you please provide a screenshot of how you want it? I will try anything I can
  2. Sorry, but only with CSS we create sliders, you need to implement a third-party plugin for this.