Additional sliders & removing comments option on pages


I have just installed your Unite theme, and I had a couple questions. My site is:

  1. I have a slider on the homepage, and I wanted to add additional sliders with different photos on different pages under info & pricing. Is there a way to keep the slider on the homepage big, but make the sliders on the info & pricing pages smaller so I can add text next to them?

  2. How do I remove comments option from the bottom of pages? I want to still have comments on blog posts but not the pages themselves. I am having a hard time figuring this out. Thank you!

  1. It is possible by using categories for your slides and then using shortcode to get slides from only this category like this

[image-carousel twbs="3" category="homepage"]

You can use as many categories as you want and of course associate different slider for each of them.

  1. Comments can be disabled from Post/Page individually using Discussion box that you can find under every Post/Page when editing it. It it is not there, you can enable it via Screen Options that you can find in the upper right corner.

OK, as you can see on my site the sliders are working for different categories, but how can I adjust the size of specific ones? Is that what the twbs=“3” part is??

Also, I am trying to remove the discussion box at the bottom of each page, and the discussion box not checked when I go to screen options?? Is there a way to remove comments all together? So nobody can leave comments? I am using this for a business website and I am wanting it to look more professional.


I figured out a much easier way to disable comments. Click on pages from your left sidebar editor in WordPress. Click on “quick edit” and there’s a button that says “allow comments” uncheck it and save. Do this for each page you do not want comments on.


Then you can use columns from Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin. See that in action on our demo website. Just add one column for text, and second one for slider or something like that.