Adjust homepage and footer widget title

First of all thank you for the great theme. love it so much. however, i came across few questions (as below):-

  1. how to change homepage widget/ footer widget title and content font color?

  2. how to increase the white line height below nav menu?

  3. i increase the menu height using the below code:

.navbar {
min-height: 100px;
.navbar-nav > li > a {
padding-bottom: 10px;
padding-top: 10px;

however, how do i increase the menu hover height? and also justify the menu font to center?

  1. How to make the slider title as transparency as current sparkling theme?

  2. How to create additional action button? We can set one now under theme options.


  1. Footer are not the same as homepage widgets. Which one you want to edit? Or both?

  2. Not sure about which line you are using but you can change border which is right below navigation you can change it like this.

.navbar.navbar-default {
    border-bottom: 10px solid #eee;
  1. No need to use your code and you can replace it with this instead. Tweak height accordingly.
.navbar-default .navbar-nav > li > a {
    line-height: 50px;
  1. WordPress by default doesn’t support transparent colors via their API, so you have to use them manually via CSS by using RGBA color values where last number stands for transparency/opacity.
.flex-caption h2 {
  background: rgba(31, 166, 122, 0.7);
  1. That’s custom code implementation that you have to do on your own and is not part of free support.

hi aigars,

i’m using Unite theme, and want to ask, how to change the font size on homepage widget title?

Hi @josuawahyudi,

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