i found your very beautiful admin template called “Admindek”.
Its not out yet, but is it a free template ? (Found it on 46 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates 2021 - Colorlib - Title says “free”) (MIT licence ?)
Is it possible to get a preview version or is it allowed to use the css files from the demo page ?

hey there

thank you for the question
as it said in the comments section “Not available yet. We’ll launch it for free only if the interest will be high enough. So make sure to spread the word about it everywhere you can.” :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer.
But i would need the template soon, so i have to choose a other template.
Sadly its not out yet :confused:

Good evening

Sorry about that, there is nothing i can do for you now, we are working on it, you can choose other templates from us :frowning:

No problem, but i will not choose a other template from you sorry.
There are not my style or have to less features.

I can understand that :slight_smile:
let us know if you need anything else