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Dear Colorlib team,

Kindly note that came across the AdminLTE website, where have noticed that the author for this template is Colorlib, and liked the theme and thinking to adopt this template in a “Commercial” Website currently developing, however i have an important inquiry about the License which also noticed that it abides by the MIT License, the questions are:

  1. Do i have to include a copy of the License file found within the source code downloaded folder, or mention the “Copyright (c) 2014-2018 almasaeed2010” line that is included in the License file found within the source code downloaded folder, on my website when published online, or there’s no need to include any files or copyright notice in the published project?
  2. Do i need to include a notice about copyright to AdminLTE in the footer of any web page included in my website?

Your response is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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Hey there

Please check this page about licensing our templates: Licence - Colorlib

Dear Noda,

Thanks for the fast reply, highly appreciated,

Please note that have found the following link in the AdminLTE Website, that states:

“What You Must Do When Using AdminLTE
Include the copyright notice in all copies of the work. This applies to everything except the notice in the footer of the HTML example pages.”

Does that mean that the license for AdminLTE differs from other templates provided by Colorlib, as the link you attached in the previous message states that:
“Limitations for FREE versions
You are not allowed to remove the copyright credit from the footer.”
Which contradicts between the two links,

Please advise,
Best Regards,

Hi there

All our templates are under the license rules described on the page I shared in my previous post :slight_smile:


Apologies for jumping into an old conversation.

I understand that in the event of using the free template the footer can’t be removed. But how about modified? Since I will be developing all the backend side of things, could it be modified to something along the lines of "Software Copyright xxx, Template Copyright 2014-2020 All rights reserved.

Hi there

If you do not remove backlink and naming to our product then wordings can be changed