Adobe Flash Player EOL issue in Solmusic

Good day, Please reading via this ink Adobe Flash Player End of Life and realised that adobe flash player is used for Solmusic. This has become a challenge for us.

What is the alternative and how to resolve this?

Thank you.

Hi Idris

Where exactly it’s used? SolMusic | HTML Template
I browsed it and there is a place where the Adobe flash used ?

Yes, was Adobe flash was used for Solmusic, SolMusic | HTML Template since there is EOL, we do not want our users to go be exposed to security issues . How do we resolve this?

Idris, I understand your question, but please read mine as well :slight_smile:

“Where exactly it’s used?” which element? section? maybe you can also provide a screenshot?

Uploading: unamusic-error2.png… see this image, required us to update Adobe flash
Adobe Flash Player End of Life

What is the alternative option now since this page UnaMusic| Your Music - Best Sounds of all African Musics has been affected ?

The image is not uploaded, please upload it

What exactly is affected?
Idris, you are not providing full information about the problem and it makes me struggle to help you, if you want your problems fixed soon please post full information of the problem

That was due to poor network , please see the image

and check this url UnaMusic| Your Music - Best Sounds of all African Musics

Hi and thank you

But how? you can check our demo site, we don’t have the same, also, this is HTML 5 template, and the player does not use Flash at all

This page is ok SolMusic | HTML Template
but this is where there is problem, SolMusic | HTML Template , please check the webpage source of SolMusic | HTML Template
as sent in this attached imageUploading: categry.png…

We have resolved the issue. We are put this project Unamusic in Github-Private mode for those invited to help within our reach.
thank you.

Thanks for updating us @idris