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Is there any way to suppress the main banner images and headline text during page load? Depending on network speed, all images and text appear, then the first image and text display correctly. Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, I’m afraid I cannot think of an option to implement such a function. You would need to implement some custom JS listener that shows the text once the images a fully loaded.

However, this is not something I’m able to assist with from our support end.

Colorlib Support Team

Thanks for the reply. Thought there might have been an easy resolution to first set the images and headlines to hidden then shown when script begins.

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You may try some page preloaders, something like this: Preloader Plus – WordPress Loading Screen Plugin – WordPress plugin |
it will hide your page before it fully loads,

Thanks for the feedback Noda.

Not too sure I can use that option since I’m not using WP. This is an HTML template but will look into standalone page preloaders that might be available.

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Well, there are options for HTML templates as well :slight_smile:

Great solutions. Thanks for the feedback!

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