AdWords flagged my page as malware


apparently there is a malware on my page and google sent few links that seem like the would make an AD pop up on my page with fake winnings etc. I assume it’s the code in screenshot, how do I get rid of it? Can you help me please?


Hi there,

The theme does not come with malware code.

The screenshot is highlighting a specific element on that page.
We cannot tell what the element is on the actual page as the screenshot is partial and does not really show the actual page.

Could we maybe have a link to the page you took the screenshot on and maybe a screenshot of the links that google sent you or the report that was sent.


sorry for little info, the page is and it got flagged with the info below:

Disabling reason(s):,,,,,

Help would be much appreciated

Hi there,

We do not see any of those links on your site or any ads on the page with and without ad blocking extensions in the browser.

We checked even the page code and those link are not present.
The report might just be off or there is something else adding this on your site.

Take a look into those aspects please.

Sorry for late reply, I’ve had it rechecked by google with same result, could you maybe take a look if i gave you access? Would be much appreciated, I’m done with ideas.

Hi there

Links are still not working, I can only see your website but links are not working
now, about the problem, why you think this is a theme related problem? if your site is infected by malware you have to clear it before, try to install Wordfence and do a scan on your website, there is no predefined way on how to fix such problem, try to search in internet and use best practices, this is not easy to clear website from malicious codes and malware especially if you don’t have experience with such problems you may kill your website,