After updating the theme everything has changed and most of the features do not


I updated the theme this week and the customize function no longer works. The entire front page layout has changed and I can not change it as before.
My testimonial session no longer works on a rotating slide. The service session colors have changed.
The blog posts session was inserted the phrase “See for more information” instead of “Read more” and you have no way to change it.
The portfolio images have also been resized and I can not change them to square again.

Can you help me? site:

hey there

The only problem i can see is with testimonial section, they aren’t stacked normally,
can you tell me what changes you have made in this theme? i think changes were made in the parent theme and once you update theme you lost your changes

Hi! My hamburger menu on mobile doesn’t work anymore :

Please help.


HI there

Milnarad - your website cannot be reached, and please open new ticket :slight_smile: