All +Add & Edit XXXXX

I am new in this and my questions can be very weird.
My page is not live and you can see it here

I have installed all optional plugin that come with Illdy, plus the following

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Seedprod Landing Page
  3. Plus standard plugin come with fresh installation of WP

It seem all the “+Add & Edit XXXXX” of front section is not working.

I have created 2 new pages call Project 1 and Project 2, and 2 new posts call Post 1 and Post 2.

When I trying to click the “+Add & Edit XXXX” of all the Front Page Section. It does not seem to work? I mean nothing happen, no loading nor activity. It seems like click a dead link.

Kind help, very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Best Regards

I have deactivated all NON Illdy plugin, and the “+Add & Edit XXXXX” button still not functioning all in the Front Section.

Best Regards

Update information

The url link when I hover over the button for “+Add & Edit skill bars” is the following. I hope this might help.

Project section



I just checked the version of from your website is 2.0.1 which I had installed. The version on is 2.1.8 which i believe is the latest, I assume the one on your website is always the latest. Are they any different? Why Shapely need us to install Illdy theme as well?

Thank you

The also doesn’t work for me, anyone found a fix?

let me check it, please send your admin details privately to me and I will check it

I sent you a private message 8 days ago with my details and haven’t heard anything back.