All pictures gone

Hi there,
I need your help! All of a sudden all my pictures seem to have disappeared. And the burger icon for my mobile menu is not working any more, too. Ican’t even click it. Instead of the pictures there are just white parts…
I did’t change anything in my features.

I really hope you can help me out!
All the best and thanks a lot for your time and effort

Hello again…
I just found out that the pictures are back in place if I deactivate the image preload in jetpack. Why is this suddenly a problem and does it have to do with the update?

Hey there

yes, I saw a similar problem with another user as well, the problem is coming form the Jetpack image CDN feature and you have to disable it,

Regarding the burger menu - please disable JS minification in the caching plugin or deactivate it and check agian

Dear Noda,
thanks a lot for your support. There was no JS minification activated and I also tried deactivating my caching plugin. Unfortunately it didn’t change anything. The Menu is still not clickable. Any other idea?
All the best