All template license download issue

I had bought an all template license for 99$ on July 27, 2020. I have noticed that there has been changes in the pricing and download options. I had bought the license as a guest and received an email with the invoice (Invoice no : 2412, Order number : 281903).

I have created an account now using my email. But I am not able to see my lifetime license linked in the account. Can you please attach it to my account. (email : [email protected]).

Thank you!

I have had this issue too! I have had no response and I’m feeling like I have been scammed :frowning:

hey there

No one will be scammed @kieron125 we are just changing the system and soon you will be able to get results of all your purchases, this is just a temporary issue, all your payments are safe in colorlib :wink:

Access granted. You can now reset your password here.

Access granted. You can now reset your password here.

hey there, i also purchased this license, [email protected]
can you also activate it

Access granted. Make sure to reset your password.

I have had this issue too.
I also purchased this license, [email protected]
please help me to activate it , thanks.

Your license expired in May. In order to continue to download templates, you must renew your subscription.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

As I had mentioned in my e-mail, when I purchased my license it specifically stated that my license would be good for “all current and upcoming templates”.and it didn’t state that I can only download for 1 year.

Also in the support forum, your staff mentioned that the $99 license is for a lifetime.
please click the link for more details.