alt attribute - colorbox image gallery

Im using the HTML River template which i purchased a while back.
Im wondering how I can add “alt” attribute to the image gallery. Since the image gallery is built using background images and colorbox it seems that the alt option isnt available.
Obviously i need google to scroll the site for images so our accommodation is localised/searchable.
I have added this to the link but i don’t think it is accepted - “data-cbox-img-attrs=langford_hotel”
Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi there
Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
You will need to modify the actual HTML file to be able to add the alt tags on the page.
Unfortunately, with HTML templates we are not able to provide customization assistance.
Hope this information helps.

My name is Adrian and i want to ask you, could I use the title photo from faith 2 (I mean the image of the cross and the sun in the center of this cross) for commercial use? I created the song and this image fits my idea perfectly, but I don’t know about licenses and copyrights, so I’m asking if I could use it to create a music video on YouTube and streaming platforms, do I need to get any permission? If I have to get something, how can I do it because I don’t know it?

Best Regards :slight_smile:

Hi Adrian

Our images are from the free license website, we are not distributors, probably you need to search for the author of the image or original site, to do this use google search and you will find the source of the image