Always show page-title-wrap


first let me thank you for your Travelify-Theme. It’s exactly what I was looking for in a wordpress-theme.

I have only one question: I have been using the navXT-Plugin to show breadcrumb-Links on top of my pages. When I activate the plugin, a div shows on top of every page (.page-title-wrap) containing the breadcrumb-links. As the div was already showing, I’ve used that opportunity to put other stuff in it as well (I use it to show the page title and a short description of the content etc.).

Now I have decided that I don’t need the breadcrumb-Navigation. But when I deinstall the plugin (I want to be independend from it), the div and all of its contents don’t show up anymore.

Is there a way to always show it, except for the start page? I can’t find the code that regulates when it’s shown and when it’s hidden.

Thanks in advance, Simon

Hi Simon,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

So do you want to show the page title and a short description of the content etc. in place of breadcrumb-Navigation but don’t want to display breadcrumb Navigation and wants to deactivate navXT-Plugin?

If yes then could you please tell me how you have displayed that custom content there and share me the page URL from your site where you are displaying it?

Kind Regards,