Am I violating copyright?

I downloaded a template made by Colorlib (Philosophy), but I downloaded it for free from another site.
I would like to know if I am violating any rights?
Keeping the footer, can I use it in a personal/professional project?

(Sorry for the inconvenience, i’m a beginner)

Hi there

You need to download templates only from our site, only, in this case, you will not violate rights

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Thanks for answering!
@colorlibsupport And how can I download it from
I see articles like this all over the site (38 Best Free Bootstrap Blog Templates 2022 - Colorlib) saying that these templates are free, but I can’t find a download button.
Are they really free, or do I have to pay to have them?

Hi @pablloedu

Well, some of them are free, not all of them :slight_smile:

Kind regards

So I was able to download this directly from, just by right clicking and saving. The files look pretty disorganized, but everything works fine, (Without some images and some font problems).
Okay, I downloaded this directly from the Colorlib website. Am I free to use it? (keeping credits in the footer, of course).

@pablloedu I believe you are smart enough to know how to download product files from the website :wink: there is a buy button to purchase it, right-click and saving files is stealing someone’s job if you like the template you need to buy it

Kind regards

That’s what I wanted to hear. You could have said from the start that this template is paid and this article (38 Best Free Bootstrap Blog Templates 2022 - Colorlib) was wrong.
I will buy it soon.

One last question. When I buy this template, will you be able to help me change the HTML and CSS?

Thank you for everything, especially for your patience!

@pablloedu thanks for understanding

Some of the templates are still free to use, in those template pages you will see a button to download them, that’s the proper way to get them. copying them by saving the page is a violation of rights.

Regarding help, I can help if something showcased on the demo is not working, if you want to customize it’s up to you, basically, if you want to get HTML templates you need to know HTML and CSS, without basic knowledge I don’t know how you work with them, its like, you want to buy car but you don’t know how to ride it :slight_smile:


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