Amazon Affiliate Links Not Working

I’m having an issue with my Amazon affiliate links. I created a product link and input into wordpress like I always do. But if I left click on the link it goes to The correct link only works if I open in new tab! Help!! It only recently started happening.

I know the Amazon Affiliate links are correct, but they just aren’t working on the site.

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I was able to reproduce your problem, im not sure if this is a theme problem
Can you please try your problem on any other default WordPress theme?

Hi @jsimplified,
To help you out I would like to know that are u using any URL shortener for your Amazon product? because sometimes URL shortener doesn’t redirect properly.
In my one of tech site which is Techcortex, I tent to promote amazon product earlier but at that time I used pretty links but sometimes it doesn’t work. If possible try to use Contentegg to promote Amazon or any ecom product and also try to clear cache. Maybe this will help.

Hi Josh. I am not using any link cloaking as that is against Amazon affiliate policy. I did use their “link shortener” and thought that was the issue, but I changed all my links to the full and it still isn’t working.

Also, my links work on Pinterest still. I did try clearing my cache, and that didn’t change anything.


I hope you are doing well today.

I can see this issue. Were the links working in the past? If so, when did this start happening?

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To be honest, I’m not exactly sure when it started happening. I haven’t had any Amazon affiliate clicks showing in my dashboard since January 6th. (which is weird because I average 10-15 clicks per day and have been for several months) But I noticed the issue when I was building that specific blog post on Jan 3rd.

Yes, the links were all working previously. I went back and checked a few other posts that I’ve had for a long time and those aren’t working either.

I figured out what my issue was… I was trying to track Amazon affiliate links. I forgot I added code to a widget based on this website: How To Track Amazon Affiliate Earnings In Google Analytics » Petagadget.

It was directing all my amazon links to I think. Bummer, since I’d really like to know where my clicks are coming from! But I guess I will have to find another work around. Thanks for the support. This issue is resolved now though!

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!