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Hi everyone,

First of all I have to say that I really love the shapely theme. Still I have to ask something I not seem to find the answer too.
I use the shapely theme as a one page site. I do have different sections on the page. To get to those section people have to scroll down and up to it. It would be so much userfriendly when there are some anchor links (listed in the top menu) to go to these different sections.
Is there enyone who can help me with this and tell me where to look?

Any help is very appreciated!

Thank you


I´m new on Wordpress but try to read this article

Hi @stefan,

Try to use what @carlossoares said, is useful.

Thanks @carlossoares,


Thanks for the swift reply’s. What I would like to do is creating anchor links on the homepage to different sections on the home page. I seem not to find the file to do that.

I know from the past how to add anchor links in html files but all I can find in the files are php files.


Hey stephan,

each section on your site has its own ID with a name to it. All you have to do is put in your navigation:

for example. my domain is and i have 4 sections with 4 unique IDs ( you have to look on your page what those ID are. If you are using chrome, just press F12 than select the pointer icon and hover ower the sections. You will find the ids on the right side in a html display of the code of the page).

So i have 4 unique ID:

now i have to create a navigation like so,,,

the ID are premade by colorlib so you have to dig into the code of the page to find out all the ids you want to jump to.

Hi @stefan,

Is your request solved?



Hi Cristian,

I have to apolegise but I didn’t menage to make the anchor links yet. I don’t exactelly know where to search and where to put the ID’s to have them listed in the primary menu.
I would like them in the top menu, which is blank now as you can see on this url

I also search for an easy just follow youtube video but without succes.


Hi @stefan,

Try to use the front-end of WordPress to do those changes(yoursite/wp-admin)




On this template, we have the top menu allways on the top. When i make the anchor link, the line with the text anchored, go to under the top menu.

It´s possible to roll 4 rows down and make the text anchored visible?

Sorry for my english and i hope you understand.

Have a good year

Hi @carlossoares,

Could you post a new thread with your request?