Anchor link to the full-width section on the front page

Hi there,
I’m working on a site that uses the full-width front page section. I’d like to link to it from the navigation menu at the top and bottom (custom menu widget) of the site, but for some reason, the anchor tag doesn’t go to the H3 tag of the section the way all the other IDs do, but straight to the text content.

So for example, if I have, the link works fine-- it goes to the Testimonials section and shows the word “Testimonials” as an H3 at the top of the section.

But if I go to, it scrolls PAST the header and instead goes straight to the text. Why is this? I can’t find any other IDs in the HTML that I could link to instead! Help!

Hi @azurite,

Can you show us the website address to see the issue in live website? So that we can fix it accordingly. If you want to make the site private, then give us the site address in a private reply.

Let us know,


The website is However, it’s in a maintenance mode, so I would need to make you a user (with an email address) so you could see the issue while logged in.