animated gif as logo

I have been trying to use an animated gif as a logo, but it is just not working past the first frame. Is there something I can do to make this work?
I have read that animated gifs need to be full size to work on Wordpress, so what size should I make it please?
This is the page I am having problems with - wait 10 seconds for the logo to change.
many thanks.


Hi @littleseed,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

The image that you have used on your site seems wrong and not working properly but the image that you have shared here is working fine on my test site so could you please try using it?

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You are right, the one I sent is working. But unfortunately it is not the right one as I would like to have the tagline coded in the site, not as part of the image.
I will now try and create a new animation. Could you please tell me what size this should be for the template as I do not seem to be able to adjust the size anywhere - or is there a way to do this? The template seems to want a very small logo, but I would rather be able to optimize it.
many thanks for you help.

I think that the issue is the resizing of the gif file one the logo is uploading. If I load up the gif and view it at its actual size then the animation is fine. See here:
But if I then upload the same file to use as the logo of the site then the animation is broken.
Therefore I think if I can make the logo the actual size needed for the theme then I might be able to get it to work? Could you let me know what this actual size is please.
many thanks.

The shared gif image is also working fine on my test site as shown in the attached screenshot and there isn’t any image size restriction on it.

It seems the images on your site is stored on which seems causing this issue so could you please try temporary deactivating the Jetpack plugin?

Here’s the screenshot.

Hi Movin,
Thanks so much for your help with this.
I have turned off the Bootstrap plug in and the animation now works fine.
Unfortunately this also stops other aspects of the site working so this is not a permanent solution, but at least you have discovered the cause. Is there a solution you can offer please?

many thanks.

The issue is caused by Bootstrap plugin so you can contact the plugin author regarding this issue.