Another error in extras.php?

line 370

color: ’ . esc_attr( $illdy_full_width_full_text )

seems to return nothing, resulting in an empty color tag in the generated inline css which triggers a w3c validation error

i think it must be

color: ’ . esc_attr( $illdy_full_width_descriptions_color )


Just confirmed it by changing it in extras.php


Hello Alex

Thank you for sharing this information, is your problem resolved now?

For now, yes, but next theme update will override this unless it is corrected in extras.php

There are some more problems in this area, but I am running out of time, I have to do other work. Will report as soon as possible, though.

Quick question: are you interested in error reports or is there a “code freeze” on ILLDY theme? Just to make sure


Good morning Alex

We are collecting errors and issues in our GitHub page, error in extras.php · Issue #300 · ColorlibHQ/illdy · GitHub
Thank you cone again


Should I post on both places? I think it is worth posting here as well since I always post solutions/workarounds if I have them, and not many forum users read the github page.


Hi Alex

Yes, posting it here is enough and better, im sorting them here because not all issues are actually “issues” :slight_smile: